Special Needs Photography

We owe our success in special needs photography to 2 factors: The benefit of many years of experience and our desire to be successful for our clients.  A positive attitude and patience are the most important qualities for working with children with special needs.  

At our consultation, we devise a plan and a few backup plans. We know what questions to ask! What are his happiest hours of the day?  What activities will engage your child? Is there a special location that would interest your child? Our goal is to make your child most comfortable, compliant and happy.  Armed with knowledge and patience we are prepared for your session, this is why we are the experts in special needs photography.  

As a parent, we understand that you see your child just the same as every parent sees their children....as an individual who expresses love in their own unique way. It is our responsibility to capture that expression of love for you.

Special needs photography does not have to be stressful. As a client, we want you to enjoy the experience and cherish the moment.  To have tangible evidence of these moments in your hands for a lifetime to share with your kids is just priceless.  Let us meet your expectations by making your professional photography session a positive memory for your family. Your child will be provided they time and patience the need and deserve. 

 Think less about coaching your kids through their special needs photography session. Think more about kissing them....while your professional photographer expertly captures that moment for your family.

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